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From Physical to Digital

Bridging Real-World Luxuries to Blockchain Security

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Transform your valuable creations
into an NFT


Chip it

Attach the NFC chip to your physical artwork or luxury item.

Twin it

Create an NFT tightly linked to the physical item in just a few clicks and enrich it with exclusive digital content.

Sell it

Offer your physical creation globally on Web3 marketplaces.
Success Stories

Innovate and inspire: See how our artists and creators shine!

Welcome to OwnerChip

The Future of Asset Ownership

Transforming high-value goods into tradable assets

OwnerChip introduces a cutting-edge Web3 protocol that transforms valuable physical goods into tradable digital assets. By tokenizing items like fine art, we’re creating a new era for trading and securing alternative assets on the blockchain.

Bridging the physical and digital worlds securely

We’ve crafted a unique solution that securely connects physical assets with their digital representations through NFC crypto chips. This ensures that every physical good linked to an NFT on the blockchain is protected against tampering.

Empowering creators with user-friendly technology

Our app empowers creators to digitize and sell their works as NFTs. It simplifies the creation process, enables worldwide sales, and supports royalty earnings, making blockchain technology accessible for the entire creative community.