Go phygital.

Protect your artwork, fashion, merchandise, precious goods.

»Hello, it’s 21st century calling«

Go phygital with your brand

In short, OwnerChip is the nexus of reality and the digital world. We help you connect your valuable physical things to the digital world and provide an easy entry point for your business. To strengthen your brand, we offer fully customized mobile applications (Android, iOS) for your consumers to interact with your product. The applications include features such as proving authenticity via the NFC crypto chip, claiming and transferring ownership, checking on product sustainability and provenance, trading on secondary market with earning Royalties and many more.

Why OwnerChip?

Your future is physical + digital

Gain an edge over your competitors and start with connecting to the digital world in a safe, serious and easy way. With the possibilities of Web3 technology (Blockchain, NFT, Crypto, Metaverse etc.), you will be able to prove the authenticity and ownership of your valuable physical assets and also to securely trade them. OwnerChip is providing a white-labeled Smartphone App and NFC based chips that can interact with many Blockchains to create, prove and trade connected goods and their NFT twins.

Your benefits

No counterfeit objects

Chip objects to enable endusers proving blockchain based authenticity.

Prove your ownership

Own it, chip it, prove it. Create NFTs as digital twins to prove and track ownership.

Safe phygital trading

Trade your physical valuable goods using the potentials of Web3 and earn royalties.

News and Highlights

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