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Creator’s Corner


Get a Starter Kit and attach the NFC chip to your artwork.


Download the OwnerChip app and initialize the NFC chip.


Offer your physical creation globally on Web3 marketplaces.

How to attach the NFC chip?

How to scan NFC chips?

How to create a digital twin?

How to use the CreatorCard?

The NFC chip

Can be integrated into plastic, fabric, epoxy, wood, and glass.

Can be slightly bent, making it versatile for various art forms.

Cannot be scanned through metal.

Connect with us!

What's the CreatorCard?

  • Serves as an alternative to traditional crypto wallets.
  • Allows access to all app functionalities by scanning the card, bypassing the need to connect a crypto wallet.
  • Note: A real crypto wallet address is required for payout when selling an item.

How do you get it?

  • A CreatorCard is included when ordering a Starter Kit, available to registered creators.
  • If you already own a Starter Kit, contact us to obtain extra cards.

What options are available?

The CreatorCard comes in various designs:

  • plain white
  • OwnerChip branded or
  • customized with your personal branding

How to use it?

Initial setup

  • Open OwnerChip App
  • Connect – Select login method “OwnerCard”
  • Set up new OwnerCard
  • Enter PIN and scan the CreatorCard

After initial setup

  • Open OwnerChip App
  • Select login method “OwnerCard” to connect
  • Enter PIN and scan the CreatorCard

How to create a digital twin?

Demo Videos

Short OwnerChip Demo 2:35

OwnerChip explained in 3 min 3:25

How to create a digital twin 6:57