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Last week, the idyllic Swiss town of Davos, renowned for hosting significant international events, became the center stage for the Web3 Hub, drawing in thought leaders and trailblazers from the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology. Over four days, attendees were immersed in a blend of thought-provoking content, dynamic networking opportunities, and invaluable insights, all centered around the transformative potential of blockchain. OwnerChip was part of a CEO Roundtable to discuss “The New Phygital Economy – Enhancing Physical Experiences with Technology.”

The Web3 Hub event in Davos, from January 15th to 18th, was more than just a regular conference. It was a gathering full of new ideas and breakthroughs. Covering topics from finance to blending the real and digital worlds, each day focused on a different way blockchain technology is making an impact.

Jan 15, Finance Monday: Focused on the financial implications and opportunities within blockchain.
Jan 16, Innovation Tuesday: A deep dive into the latest blockchain innovations.
Jan 17, Phygital Wednesday by Phygicode: Explored the intersection of the physical and digital worlds through blockchain.
Jan 18, Impact Thursday: Concentrated on blockchain’s role in driving sustainable and impactful change.

Phygital Wednesday, hosted by Phygicode, spotlighted the fusion of physical and digital (Phygital) realms. The day highlighted innovative blockchain uses in fashion and experiential technology, with panels discussing everything from fashion breakthroughs on the blockchain to the evolving role of crypto wallets, offering a broad perspective on blockchain’s varied applications.

OwnerChip proudly showcased the innovative works of Stefan “Stebo” Temmel, a leading modern pop art artist from Graz, Austria. Stebo stands out not just as a successful artist but as a visionary pioneer in Europe’s art scene, being the first to seamlessly incorporate our NFC chips into his creations. His groundbreaking approach revolutionizes the art experience, allowing collectors and enthusiasts to interact with his art in a novel way. By simply using the “SteboArt” App, they can unlock exclusive digital content like behind-the-scenes videos and personalized messages from the artist, beautifully blending the physical art with enriching digital layers.

The Web3 Hub stood out as a forward-thinking and dynamic platform, not just showcasing the current state of blockchain technology but also painting a picture of its far-reaching implications for the future. OwnerChip’s participation in this vibrant and enriching event symbolized our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancement and our dedication to being part of the conversations that shape the future of blockchain.