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Phygital art live on stage @ Venetian Conference Center

During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, OwnerChip unveiled a cutting-edge technology showcase. Our presentation highlighted the innovative integration of NFC (Near Field Communication) chips with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). NFC technology facilitates the wireless transfer of data over short distances, while NFTs represent unique digital assets, often serving as collectibles or proof of ownership.

At our demonstration, attendees encountered an interactive experience where NFC chips were embedded in physical objects such as artworks and exclusive editions of rare spirits, each paired with a corresponding NFT. By simply tapping their mobile devices against the NFC chip, guests were able to instantly access and display the related NFTs on a blockchain platform, thereby verifying their authenticity and ownership.

This demonstration showcased the collaborative functionality of NFC (Near Field Communication) and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), effectively linking tangible, real-world items with digital assets and introducing a novel form of interaction and ownership.

Hosted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) by Infineon Technologies, the event highlighted the SECORA™ Blockchain chip, a cornerstone technology for OwnerChip’s premier product.

The SECORA Blockchain chip, developed by Infineon, is a specialized, secure microcontroller designed for blockchain applications. It merges advanced hardware-based security features with the capability to execute blockchain protocols and smart contracts securely.

A key component of this chip is its secure element, a hardware-based security module providing safe storage for private keys and shielding sensitive information from tampering or cyber threats. The chip also includes a cryptographic accelerator, optimized for performing the cryptographic computations essential in blockchain protocols.

Designed for a vast array of blockchain applications, such as digital identity verification, secure handling and transfer of digital assets, and streamlined supply chain management, the SECORA chip’s secure, tamper-resistant hardware design makes it exceptionally suitable for these uses. It offers a high degree of security, effectively guarding against hacking and other forms of interference.

Infineon’s SECORA Blockchain chip exemplifies the integration of robust, hardware-based security into blockchain technology, significantly enhancing its security features and broadening its range of applications.