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Elevating art through technology

Hold on to your berets, because Austrian sensation ARTHENA MAXX is shaking up the art world with a dash of NFC technology! She is infusing her creations with a digital twist that’s certain to leave art enthusiasts in awe.

Creativity knows no bounds, neither does art

Born in 1969, ARTHENA MAXX, also known as Michaela Lukmann, has become a symbol of creativity and innovation, consistently pushing the boundaries of contemporary art through her unique techniques and styles. Her portfolio encompasses miniature paintings, indoor and outdoor sculptures, denim fabric artworks, and Artdress sculptures, showcasing a diverse range of artistic expertise.

Since 2013, she has taken her remarkable journey to international exhibitions and art fairs around the globe, earning recognition and acclaim from Switzerland to the United States, Spain, China, and beyond.

Today, we’re delighted to reveal her groundbreaking partnership with OwnerChip, infusing a touch of NFC magic into her art.

Art + NFC = A Canvas of Possibilities

At the heart of this collaboration is the integration of NFC (Near Field Communication) chips into ARTHENA MAXX’s art pieces. These tiny but powerful chips bridge the gap between the physical artwork and a digital world of endless possibilities for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

So, what can you do with these digital marvels, you ask?

Enhanced Authenticity: With a simple tap of your smartphone, NFC chips make it a breeze for art enthusiasts to verify the authenticity of ARTHENA MAXX’s creations. It’s like an extra layer of trust and confidence for collectors.

Simplified Ownership: Owners can conveniently claim and transfer ownership of her artwork using the OwnerChip mobile app, ensuring a smooth process.

Digital Art Stories: NFC chips let ARTHENA MAXX breathe life into her creations by adding content and history to each piece. It’s like the stories behind the art are finally coming to light, creating a deeper connection with her audience.

Phygital Trading and Earning Royalties: The integration of NFC chips swings open the door to trading ARTHENA MAXX’s artwork on web3 marketplaces, welcoming a new era of accessibility and interaction with her creations – all while earning some sweet royalties.

As ARTHENA MAXX’s artistic journey continues to evolve, it promises to be an exhilarating ride for both art enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike.

📅 Save the date!
Meet the Artist ARTHENA MAXX and get to know OwnerChip’s NFC technology.

If you’re eager to dive deeper into ARTHENA MAXX’s world and discover the wizardry of OwnerChip’s NFC technology, you’re in luck.

We have an upcoming event where you can meet the artist herself and the masterminds behind OwnerChip.


Join us on November 9th 2023 in Graz for the 1st NFT Vernissage:

📍 Art-Galerie Werkbund, Heinrichstrasse 10, 8010 Graz, admittance from 5:30 PM, starting at 6 PM


This event will be the perfect opportunity to ask your burning questions and witness the NFC magic up close.

Get ready to embark on a journey where art meets technology in the most remarkable way. It’s an adventure you won’t want to miss!

To learn more about ARTHENA MAXX, visit her official website.

The artists who showcased their outstanding artworks and created their first NFTs: Arthena MAXX, LILA Herderberg, Maria Trattner, Evelyn Fasch, Martina Brandl, Erwin Lind, Peter Manhal, STEBO, Ursula Meister, Daniel August Hofer, Die MAXXO, Manfred Möstl, and Valerie Tschida.

A heartfelt thank you to all the participating artists for sharing their exceptional talents and contributing to the success of the event. Your creativity and dedication made this premiere truly memorable.

For those who missed the grand opening, worry not! The exhibition will be on display every Thursday until January 11, 2024, offering an extended opportunity to experience “The 1st NFT Vernissage” at Werkbund Art-Galerie in Graz.