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Connecting minds, sharing insights, and toasting to the intersection of art and innovation

On December 5th, Vienna hosted Block&Wine, a meticulously organized event by blockchain enthusiasts. This gathering became a focal point for like-minded individuals to seamlessly connect, share groundbreaking ideas, and collectively delve into the forefront of advancements in blockchain technology.

The evening unfolded with spellbinding guest speakers, live demonstrations, and discussions that intricately explored the intersection of blockchain technology, NFC, and the realms of art and luxury.

Crafting the future: Art, Blockchain, and Luxury Goods at Block&Wine

On stage at Block&Wine, our CEO, Michael Schramm, shared invaluable insights drawn from real-life tokenization projects, offering a transparent view into the benefits and key lessons learned. The event provided a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences, fostering a collaborative atmosphere among attendees passionate about the intersection of technology and the arts.

🔍 Insights into NFTs, NFC, and Smart Contracts

The discussions at Block&Wine went beyond the creative realm, delving into the technical aspects and challenges surrounding NFTs, NFC, and smart contracts. Ferdinand Regner, one of the masterminds behind OwnerChip, provided deep insights into the intricacies of these technologies, paving the way for a better understanding of their real-world applications.

💎 A Showcase of High-Quality Jewelry Redefined for the Digital Era: Stilami, The Art Jewelry

The event showcased pioneers in the industry, such as Stilami, The Art Jewelry, renowned for crafting high-quality, artistic jewelry. They are offering blockchain-based product certificates with digital content using a white-labeled version of the OwnerChip app. Jonas Georg Lamprecht, the CEO, shared insights into the innovative use of OwnerChip’s NFC technology, demonstrating its ability to unlock both secret and public content connected with physical masterpieces.

🎨 Artistic Innovation: NFC-Infused Masterpieces by STEBO Art

Stefan Temmel, also known as STEBO, a successful Modern Art artist from Graz, showcased the seamless integration of NFC chips into his artworks. Attendees got hands-on, scanning the pieces and unlocking a treasure trove of goodies: exclusive making-of videos, behind-the-scenes content, and even personalized video messages straight from the artist himself.

🎻 The Osmium Violin: A Symphony of Innovation

In the realm of craftsmanship, The Osmium Violin stands as the world’s most precious new violin, seamlessly fusing tradition with cutting-edge technology. With 541 Osmium inlays and 298 gemstones intricately embedded in 18ct gold, it forms a visual masterpiece. An integrated NFC chip ensures unparalleled authenticity and security, serving as a digital twin to safeguard the violin’s unique identity and act as an electronic authenticity certificate against potential forgeries. The showcase concluded with a captivating live performance by Paul Kropfitsch, an internationally acclaimed violinist from Vienna.

Our sincere appreciation goes to…

… the hosts of Block&Wine, whose great planning and warm hospitality created an exceptional setting for meaningful discussions. A toast to Winemaker Nemeth from Perchtoldsdorf for providing the perfect accompaniment to our intellectual feast – exquisite wines that elevated the evening.

A heartfelt thank you to our distinguished speakers for their invaluable contributions to the success of the event. Their expertise illuminated the potential of blockchain, NFC, and smart contracts in transforming the way we perceive and interact with art and luxury goods.

To our engaged guests, thank you for actively participating in the conversations, sharing your insights, and making this event truly special. Your passion for the convergence of technology and the arts fueled the collaborative spirit that defines Block&Wine.

In the glow of a wonderful evening, we look forward to future gatherings where the worlds of art, blockchain, and luxury goods continue to evolve and inspire.

Cheers to innovation, community, and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead!