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Successful premiere in Graz

In the past week, Graz’s 1st NFT Vernissage at Werkbund Art-Galerie unfolded as an extraordinary evening, uniting artists and tech enthusiasts alike. Every artist’s creation featured NFC chips from Ownerchip, seamlessly merging the worlds of traditional and digital art.

A night of art and innovation at Werkbund Art-Galerie

Last Thursday, on November 9, 2023, the Werkbund Art-Galerie hosted the vernissage “The 1st NFT” presented by the Werkbund Art Association of Styria. The successful exhibition was inaugurated by President Dr. Bernd Holasek and impeccably organized by the initiator, Ing. Michaela Lukmann, also known as Arthena MAXX. The event garnered praise from Dr. Holasek, who commended the dedication and significant progress within the Werkbund Art Association, emphasizing the outstanding contributions of the artists.

What made this evening even more groundbreaking was the integration of technology into art. Every showcased artwork was equipped with NFC chips from OwnerChip, allowing for a seamless transition into the realm of NFTs. Paired with our app, artists can enrich their creations with digital content, such as the story behind the piece or sketches illustrating the progress of the artwork. All this information is easily accessible by scanning with a smartphone, providing a unique and immersive experience for art enthusiasts.

The artists who showcased their outstanding artworks and created their first NFTs: Arthena MAXX, LILA Herderberg, Maria Trattner, Evelyn Fasch, Martina Brandl, Erwin Lind, Peter Manhal, STEBO, Ursula Meister, Daniel August Hofer, Die MAXXO, Manfred Möstl, and Valerie Tschida.

A heartfelt thank you to all the participating artists for sharing their exceptional talents and contributing to the success of the event. Your creativity and dedication made this premiere truly memorable.

For those who missed the grand opening, worry not! The exhibition will be on display every Thursday until January 11, 2024, offering an extended opportunity to experience “The 1st NFT Vernissage” at Werkbund Art-Galerie in Graz.