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🎻 Smart Strings: Where timeless craft meets modern innovation

Constructed in the enchanting town of Cremona, where the echoes of Stradivarius violins still whisper through time, the Osmium Violin emerges as a beacon of 21st-century musical artistry. This masterpiece, a collaboration between DI Kurt Assam, Karl Großschädl, and the skilled hands of renowned violin maker Edgar Russ, not only captivates with its visual splendor but now introduces a revolutionary twist — the integration of OwnerChip’s NFC chip, an avant-garde fusion of tradition and technology.

Vienna Premiere: The debut of the world’s most valuable new violin

Unveiled in Vienna on March 30, 2023, amidst tight security at the Post AG premises, a selected audience witnessed the birth of the world’s most valuable new violin, the Osmium Violin. Crafted by Edgar Russ, Italy’s finest violin maker with over 40 years of experience in Cremona, this 592-gram masterpiece meticulously sets a new standard in violin artistry.

A symphony in metal: Unveiling the extraordinary design

The violin’s exceptional design consists of 541 Osmium inlays and 298 gemstones (brilliants, rubies, sapphires and tsavorites), each of them individually inlayed into 18ct gold and worked into the violin. The special feature of this unique violin is its extraordinary fairy-tale sound and, moreover, it is the world’s most precious new violin of the 21st century! If you’re wondering about the price, feel free to inquire – it’s estimated to be in the eight-figure million euro range.

This instrument isn’t just playing a melody – it’s composing a digital symphony. 🎶
Adding the NFC chip opens a gateway to its rich history, connecting the audience to a world where tradition and technology harmonize seamlessly.

The Osmium Violin’s unique story and origin certificates

Beyond its physical allure, the Osmium Violin is rewriting the rules of musical history. Embedding OwnerChip’s NFC chip into the violin offers enthusiasts a wealth of digital content linked to the instrument. By scanning the NFC chip with any smartphone, the artwork can share its unique story, showcase certificates proving the origin of materials, and reveal making-of and behind-the-scenes videos. Even the enchanting sound of the violin can be stored on the chip, allowing aficionados to experience its melodic magic without physically playing it.